Kurs og workshops

- to create Love Peace and Harmony to all souls


Her finner du oversikt over mine kurs og workshops jeg holder. Enten alene eller sammen med andre. Online eller fysisk.  

Alt jeg gjør har en holistisk, organisk og spirituell kjerne, med base i både eldgammel visdom og moderne  vitenskapelig forståelse. 



Embracing yin and yang

En workshop for dyp indre healing.

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Yoga and meditation

with focus on health and creating balance, agility, strength and flexibility in body and mind in a careful and organic way. 

My yoga and meditation classes are suitable for both experienced yogis and beginners, and focus on finding balance and calm in body and soul.

I can facilitate classes for your company, such as teamwork, events or regular weekly classes.

You can also book private sessions, both for yourself, for a group of friends or otherwise. It can be only yoga or meditation, or both.

I have practiced yoga and meditation since the 80s and am trained in somatic and therapeutic yoga.

Feel free to get in touch for an informal and non-binding chat for more information or booking.

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Biodanza - biocentric education 

biodanza is often called the dance of life, because the method focuses on creating harmony and balance within ourselves and among all living beings.

It is a wonderful method for teamwork and creating a space of love and joy between people, and in the same time helping ourselves to more inner peace.

I am happy to come to your workplace, wedding, birthday party, also for children, or anything else where people get together and facilitate a Biodanza session for you. 

I have practiced biodanza since 2010 and started teach in 2014. 

If you want to know about biodanza, what it can do for you and how a session works, please feel free to get in touch for a  completely non-binding conversation.


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Ta gjerne kontakt 

for en uforpliktende prat for om du ønsker mer informasjon eller booke meg for kurs, workshop eller en privat session. 

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