Øivind Aslak Hjelle 

Øivind has dedicated his life to spiritual fulfillment and his mission is to serve people to receive a happy and healthy life. 

He is Certified Tao healing practitioner from Tao Academy in Toronto and Master Zhi Gang Sha, 

He has studied with many Spiritual teachers throughout the years, and is a certified  Meditation teacher, Reiki master and advanced Theta healing practitioner, as well

as Gestalt therapist and SEP-Somatic Experiencing trauma therapist. 

He also has a Masters degree in Industrial Economics and information Leadership. 

He has lived in a meditation Monastery for more than 10 years as a Monk, in Norway, and traveled to India, Island and other countries many times a year to visit other Monasteries.  He met Line in 2013 and decided to live his life in a relationship. 

He now works as a business coach in Oslo, as well as having clients coming for trauma therapy. 

He teaches meditation classes and the understanding and importance of spirituality in leadership and business. 

He can offer sessions or courses in this topic to leaders, scientists, business coaches and therapists, to explore how spiritual development and self-upliftment can help the consciousness of humanity in all situations. 

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Develop confidence and achieve your goals with a Tao Hands blessing for health, relationships, business, finances, your spiritual journey or other topics. 

Gain the skills to stay focused and motivated even in challenging times

You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life. 

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The main goal for me is to make you happier, healthier, empowered and enlightened

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The pain in my leg is totally gone, after many weeks with pain

- Torill 


Can you please give me a blessing, I feel so relaxed when you do 

- Mother 


I always feel that the pain in my body calms down when I get a blessing from you

- Line