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Soul, Heart, Mind and Body healing



We are here to support and guide you on your way to powerful personal healing for your soul, heart, mind, energy and body. 


- Øivind and Line


Tao Soul healing modalities is a wonderful contribution to other healing modalities, as well as it is a huge and powerful transformational energy by itself. . 

As certified trauma therapists, energy healers and coaches we can support you in many different ways to transform blockages that are holding you back from reaching the life you are dreaming of. 

Our goal is to help you to get enough capacity for yourself and your loved ones. 

Then you can step into the circle of people who can support Mother Earth in the transition to  create a world of Love Peace Harmony where everyone is safe, has good health and a happy heart and soul.

As certified Tao healers and practitioners we are approved to offer different practices and blessings that can transform your health, relationships, finances, business, soul journey and more.

We use our Tao transformative skills as separate tools, as well as together with trauma therapy, bodywork, yoga, meditation, reiki and other modalities we are trained and certified in.

We do not diagnose or compare with medicine or any other healing approach, but offer this an additional approach to healing. 

If you wish to know more before you order a session, we offer one free 20 min initial consultation on video or phone, to decide what kind of service is best for you. 


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Tao Hands blessings

can transform your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, relationships, finances,  business and more. 

Offered by certified Tao Hands practitioners 

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Tao Song 

is sacred sound healing art that elevates the well-studied effects of sound on our health, that can create direct change on a quantum level of any aspect of our life.

Offered by certified Tao Song practitioners.  

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Kuan Yin  

and the Great Compassion mantra can have a huge impact on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body

Servises offered by KY lineage holders and messengers

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Love Peace Harmony 

We volunteers for the Love Peace Harmony foundation. Our task is to bring out the message of Love Peace and Harmony to all humanity. When we embody this words in our mind, heart and soul we can change the frequenzy and vibration in all our surroundings. 

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Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha is a Tao Grand Master 

and founder of Tao Academy.  He is a world renowned healer, author and teacher, doctor in chinese and western medicine and has written more then 30 books, many of them best sellers. He is also the founder of Love Peace Harmony Foundation, Tao Science and ...read more here

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“You touched me deeply.  Thank you so much.  I felt a lot on that journey of healing that you took me on.  Such a beautiful wisp of light and love.  ! - Dawn 


The blessing was amazing! Many layers in my body were transformed. Good memories of getting a lovely massage of the energy-body. Very Grateful -Unni


After I felt strong and trusted a new sense of belonging in the universe as a human being, and as if I had someone watching over me. - Sandra