Let 2024 be the year of the Greatest Forgiveness

Dec 29, 2023


We have celebrated the new born Jesus this year too. . 

Jesus is, for me, most of all a Saint related to all the Greatest Qualities. 

Tao Grand Master, Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha, teaches us that 

The Ten Greatest Qualities are the Greatest: 

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Light, Humility, Harmony, Flourishing, Gratitude, Service and Enlightenment. 


These qualities have nothing to do with religion, culture, who we are or where we come from. They are universal qualities that are fundamental to be healthy and happy in any aspect of our life and for creating Love, Peace and Harmony on Mother Earth and beyond. 

My prayer is for all of us to embody these Qualities in the years to come and for all future.

In the last couple of years my spiritual practice has brought me closer to them, and my perception of others, my relationships, my view of myself and the world has changed.

 I have also realized that most of us are deeply disconnected to the true meaning of them. 

 We, as humanity, have forgotten that we are creations made of them and that we cannot create and have a happy and healthy world without them. 

 Before I came to this realization I had to deeply understand these three aspects: 


  1. We are all Souls. 

       2. Everyone and everything consists of information, energy and matter. 

Information is the same as Soul, Heart and Mind. It is where we store, receive and process information from the outer  world and from ourselves. 

Energy is the mover of information.

Matter  is the transformer of information.


  1. All souls are oneness.I am you and you are me. 


As we all are Souls, and all souls are oneness, we can never disappear or separate. 

As we are one indicates that everything and everyone moves when one thing moves. 

What I do to me I do to you, what you do to another you do to all. 

This made me deeply understand the message from Jesus: ,"Whatever you want others to do to you, do to them." (Matthew 7:12; Luke 6:31) or "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

But, before we can embody these teachings totally, in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, we need to go deeper into understanding all the ten Greatest Qualities. 

 It is a lifelong practice, and I am not sure I will come there totally in this life, but if I am unwilling to walk this path I know I will never find true love, peace and harmony. 

If you want to walk with me, please continue to read. 


I am given an important task in this lifetime: 

Teach you the Greatest Forgiveness and help you to open your soul, heart and mind to the wisdom of how to create a happy and healthy life for yourself, your loved ones and all souls. 

 Greatest forgiveness is unconditional. 

 Greatest forgiveness helps us to let go of everything that holds us in negativity andembody all the greatest qualities. 

Greatest Forgiveness is the way to inner Joy and inner Peace. 

It is to forgive everyone and everything without any reservation.

Greatest Forgiveness is to ask for forgiveness from everyone and everything, that you, your ancestors or descendants have hurt or harmed in any way during all your lifetimes, through your thoughts, speech or actions 


forgive everyone and everything who has hurt or harmed you, your ancestors or descendants in any way during all your lifetimes. 

 Practicing the Greatest Forgiveness, is unconditionally forgiveness, without any expectation of receiving anything back. Not just forgive one - forgive and ask for forgiveness to all Souls with no distinction. 


Greatest Forgiveness opens the gate to Love, Peace and Harmony on Mother Earth. 

When we forgive unconditionally we open the heart for the greatest love and there will be peace and harmony in our mind, heart and soul. We understand the deeper teaching and will be humble and grateful. The greatest light will shine in our heart andsoul, and help us to see the suffering in the world with the greatest compassion. We will serve unconditionally, because we understand that the greatest service is the meaning of life and that service to one is service to all. We will flourish in every aspect of life and come closer to be enlightened. 


 If we refuse to forgive unconditionally the disconnection will continue to terrorize everyone and everything. We do not see how others' suffering also is our suffering, and our mind is holding on to me, me, me as is ego.

We cannot let go of the past and we will alway be victims of our destiny. The light in our heart and soul is blurred or extinguished. 

We cannot love, be compassionate or serve unconditionally, because we separate against who deserves it or not. We cannot be humble and grateful to our teachers and the wisdom and knowledge we have received, because we will not understand that also the challenges are important teaching. 

That prevents us from flourishing in all aspects of life, and we will never reach the Greatest Enlightenment. 

 When we cannot forgive unconditionally, our minds are occupied with suffering, anger,frustration, irritation, revenge and even hatred. We think those who have hurt or harmed us deserve to be punished or at least do not deserve anything good. We think they deserve the same suffering as we have felt. 

This affects our Soul, Heart, Mind, Energy and Body in the deepest way, and we willalways suffer, feel unsafe and afraid of what can happen to us. 

We think we are victims of the circumstances, and want others to feel sorry for us, have attention to and take care of us. We compare ourselves with others and both our capacity to give and receive love, compassion or any of the Ten Greatest Qualities is blocked.

 This is the great suffering of the Humans today, and the real reason for all the conflicts, wars, hunger, environmental issues and more. 

We all suffer from this and we all have the responsibility to heal this suffering. Because there is NO separation and when one moves all moves. 

Greatest Forgiveness is to let go of every negative mindset or expectations about others and yourself. It is to forgive your greatest enemies and all that you think or feel is bad. When you forgive they will be free to heal and release the negativity in themselves, as you also will.

Greatest Forgiveness is to let go of any thought or feeling that you need an excuse to forgive others. 

Greatest Forgiveness is to understand that every soul that has hurt or harmed you, is someone or something you, your ancestors or descendants have hurt or harmed in this life or earlier life. 

Greatest Forgiveness together with incorporation of all the Ten Greatest qualities is clearing the karma, the deeds from past lives. 

 Greatest Forgiveness is an ongoing practice until the day you are a high level Saint - and then it continues forever.

 I invite you and all soul to walk with me on this path and practice the Greatest Forgiveness this year of 2024 and beyond. because this is the only way to real Love Peace and Harmony 

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Let 2024 be the year of the Greatest Forgiveness

Dec 29, 2023